• Teardrop Basket Hanger
    Teardrop Basket Hanger

    Classic Symmetrical shape adds beauty to your patio or entryway

  • Hanging Basket Cradle
    Hanging Basket Cradle

    Elegant basket surround that supports 3 sizes of planter pots

  • Patio “Candolier”</br>
    Patio “Candolier”

    Ask to see our entire Summer nights Collection

  • Welcome Heart Stand
    Welcome Heart Stand

    Ask to see our entire collection of welcome stands including those for the Holidays

  • Heart Hanger
    Heart Hanger

    Your 10” Planter sits inside the classic heart structure creating an elegant new look for the patio or porch

  • Trellis Plant Stand
    Trellis Plant Stand

    8” to 12” planter pots, adds structure and elegance to patio plants

  • Pot Stackers
    Pot Stackers

    Patent Pending hardware that allows your customers to stack their planters creating a floral focal point for the porch or patio

“Sun Hill products all meet the most demanding test requirements, including lead free paint, less than 90 parts per million. Rust resistance tested in salt solution at 140 degrees Fahrenheit for 24 hours. All of our products are manufactured in a socially responsible facility able to meet the SER requirements of the most demanding clients”

The portfolio shows a small sampling of our products. Please contact us to see our full line of over 200 SKU’s of floral related products.